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Bureau of Elementary Education
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The Bureau of Elementary Education (BEE), one of the bureaus of the Department of Education, implements programs and projects that help attain the goals and objectives of basic education services.  Its programs and projects are geared towards the realization and attainment of the basic thrusts embodied in the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan, to wit: expanding access, improving quality and enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of basic education services.  These in turn are measured by outcome indicators, namely: increased participation rate, cohort survival rate, transition rate, completion rate, and reduced dropout rate as well as improved achievement level.


The Bureau is further mandated to set standards and formulate policies on elementary education, and provide technical support to education stakeholders through research, training, monitoring, evaluation and networking.


At present, the Bureau focuses on curricular reform to come up with a more relevant, viable curriculum which will respond to the varying needs of children and technological changes of society.


The BEE is a dynamic and responsive organization committed to achieve excellence in elementary education.


Our mission is to ensure improved learning outcomes and acquisition of essential life skills of Filipino elementary learners through policies, standards and support to schools anchored on shared organization values.


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